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I had a United Healthcare Medical Plans 2017 policy last year through my previous leader. In Oct 2016, I started having severe abdominal pain. I visited the doctor and discovered I had SEVEN urinary organ stones. I had them once before, regarding ten years agone, and had to own them removed by acoustic wave lithotripsy. My specialist determined that I required the procedure once more. When the stones wouldn’t pass, and got wind of a meeting at the hospital.

I just started my pre-op procedure with united healthcare medical plans (after twenty-four hours). After I got a decision from the hospital to tell the American states that the insurance guarantor will not buy the procedure because “it is not medically necessary . ” Apparently you should be dying of an urinary tract infection (a complication that can be done) in order for them to agree on the procedure. I spent a full day on the phone with doctors, hospitals, and insurance guarantor before finding this.

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I terminated up having to pass the united healthcare medical plan options, that took a month. At the start of this year. They determin that I may not use the CVS pharmacy close to my house as a result of it’s not “in network”. I have to transfer all of my prescriptions to a Walgreens half-hour away. Even pay of pocket for my prescriptions, which might have price American state over three hundred bucks. If my new leader uses United, i’m reaching to decline their insurance and sign on for a policy with somebody else. I even have ne’er seen associate degree insurance underwriter United Nations agency cares less regarding their customers than this one. I hope they are going out of business.

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