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Cigna Health Insurance Nc Company of Arizona may be a solid selection for those probing for cheap AZ insurance coverage. maybe not yet referred to as several alternative health care firms, CIGNA has been around since the year 1792 oncethe insurance underwriter of North America (INA) was fashioned by a gaggle of voters in metropolis, Pennsylvania. the corporate started providing insurance after they noninheritable the health maintenance organization network of l. a. in 1978. A year later the corporate noninheritable HMO’s in Phoenix, Arizona and in city, Texas. In 1982 the corporate became referred to as CIGNA once INA and Connecticut General Insurance Corporation combined.

Nowadays CIGNA has continued to grow in each state they provide coverage in, and therefore the state of Arizona isn’t associate exception. Cigna Health Insurance Nc covers concerning five hundred,000 members within the state of Arizona alone through their Arizona Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) network, their most popular supplier Organization (PPO) network and their AZ Health Savings Accounts plans, to not mention that numbers still grow. the biggestcoverage space inside the state is Phoenix wherever associate calculable a hundred and fifty,000 members arsituated and therefore the company has over twenty offices within the railway space of this town.

Based inside the state within the town of Phoenix as a result of is that the largest member space within the state as mentioned before, the corporate offers their advantages to residents of the subsequent counties: Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Yavapai and Yuma. with the exception of the network of plans listed on top of they provide health care Advantage plans, health care and purpose of Service (POS) plans. though the corporate itself isn’t a serious insurance underwriter inside the u. s., it’s continued to grow and specialists predict that it’ll continue its progress through 2008. With solely five states wherever it offers coverage (Tennessee and American state being those wherever it’s enlarged the most), it’s solely expected that the corporate still expand across America.


Within Arizona, CIGNA offers just one arrange that’s sensible for the final individual that is probing for a well-developed, affordable and comprehensive coverage Arizona insurance arrange. The arrange itself is on the marketto people that ar eighteen years older or older, families with youngsters up to eighteen years older or twenty three if the son/daughter may be a full time student and youngsters while not associate adult subscriber UN agency ar a minimum of three months older. so as for you to receive coverage, the corporate asks that someone resides insideone in every of the service areas for a minimum of nine months or additional, sadly if you lately move to a spot you need to wait the desired quantity of your time for you to be able to purchase a Cigna Health Insurance Nc arrange.

The service aras inside Arizona are divided into 2. The Phoenix spot incorporates the counties of Maricopa and therefore the town of Apache Junction. On the opposite hand the metropolis and Southern Arizona spot covers the counties of Indian chief, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz counties.

The good factor concerning this one CIGNA AZ arrange is that it covers everything one will consider once it involveshealth care. For medical care doctor (PCP) services a member should pay $25 with no limit on visits through the civil year. For specialists they’re needed to pay a bit bit higher ($50) however like hallucinogenic drug visits, there’s not a limit on visits. alternative services that ar lined by the arrange that a member will not have to be compelled to pay one cent ar laboratory and x-rays and pressure checks.

The prescription coverage aspect of the policy is split into 3 tiers like several alternative insurance firms do. For generic medicine someone ought to be expected to pay $15, for brand medications they ought to expect to pay $40 and for specially medicine they’re expected to pay to $60 greenbacks. The emergency care fee is $150, but there arspecial places inside the Arizona service aras that are sponsored by the corporate known as CIGNA Medical clusterimperative Care , that a member will move to so as to avoid the ER fee. during this cluster imperative care facilities, a member can solely have to be compelled to pay $75.

The coverage for patient Care holds a $1,000 year deductible for individual and a $3,000 year deductible pre family. when you have got met the deductible you may solely be needed to pay a 2 hundredth co-insurance. For patientCare the member has identical deductibles and therefore the same 2 hundredth co-insurance when the deductible has been met. the sole distinction is that in patient each diagnostic assay or x-ray like a CT, MRI, MRA or PET would come with $100 copayment.

Other vital things that the arrange offers embody healer services for $50 a visit (a limit of twelve visits per calendar year), maternity care within which you wont have to be compelled to pay something for antenatal and post-partum exams, however at the time of delivery a 2 hundredth co-insurance is applied. Vision coverage is additionally pricementioning, you may pay $30 for one examination per civil year at a CIGNA vision center. it’s vital to notice that if you have got a watch examination in different places, you may be charged full value for it.

Family planning services are lined, though physiological state treatment is overlooked of the equation and you’dhave to be compelled to go in different places for that. The arrange additionally offers short term rehabilitation, mental state services, habit services and ward services. due maximums for this arrange ar $3,000 for individual and $10,000 for family and therefore the life profit is unlimited. This last half implies that if you reach the due most insidea civil year you may not be stop coverage.

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