Social Security Disability Health Insurance


If you get Social Security Disability Health Insurance, you most likely have health care or area unit in an exceedingly 24-month waiting amount before it starts. you have got choices in either case.

If you get social insurance incapacity financial gain (SSDI) and have health care

You’re thought-about lined underneath the health care law and don’t need to pay the penalty that individuals while not coverage should pay.
You can’t enrol in an exceedingly Marketplace arrange to replace or supplement your health care coverage.
One exception: If you listed in an exceedingly Marketplace plan before getting health care, you’ll be able to keep your Marketplace set up as supplemental Social Security Disability Health Insurance once you enrol in health care. however if you are doing this, you’ll lose any premium tax credits and alternative savings for your Marketplace set up.
Learn about alternative health care supplement choices.
If you get SSDI edges and area unit in an exceedingly 24-month waiting amount before obtaining health care

You may be able to get social security disability and health insurance whereas you wait. you’ll be able to apply  a pair of ways:
Create associate account or log in to complete associate application. Answer “yes” once asked if you have got a incapacity. We’ll forward your application to your state health care agency.
Apply on to your state health care agency. choose your state from the menu on this health care page for contact info.
If you’re eligible for health care, your health care eligibility might continue even when you enrol in health care.
If you’re turned down for health care, you will be able to enrol in an exceedingly non-public health set up through the Marketplace whereas looking forward to your health care coverage to start out. you will qualify for lower priceson Marketplace coverage based on your financial gain and unit size.

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