Health Care Reform, How Are We NOT Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants


Regarding Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants I am somewhat anxious that every home has a written bill that includes a general choice for Health Care Reform. I was also surprised that the bill created compulsory insurance.

I used to sleep in Boston, MA wherever the state including the law wherever all voters must have insurance. I was somewhat disappointed by this law, just because some people who do not have insurance do it because they can not afford it. they need not be different, and thus, go without Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants. But in mass, you must have it if you do not, you have to pay a fine. This is what determines. You must prove that you already have insurance on your taxes, otherwise you will pay the fee. I have insurance, so not a giant deal with Pine Tree State, what about people who do not have insurance? they can not afford insurance so they are exposed to other costs that they can not afford. Um … tell the pine tree but it can serve people?

But my biggest question, and many of the things I believe, are the problems of unregistered people. This country does not build it mandatory when admission to the hospital to prove citizenship, not even a country residence. Again and again this can be done once the person has been accepted. WHO brings that burden? Seen to Pine Tree State that we have a tendency to still have a fundamental issue regarding the Immigration Reform, which we still tend to face? If we have a tendency to build it mandatory to have insurance, does that mean the current hospital will drive away those who do not have insurance? does that mean, people who stay here on vacation, or visit business and get sick will not be seen in U.S. hospitals? What does this mean for people who sleep in the U.S. who has Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants?

I, for one, powerfully believe we want immigration reform, INS may be a mess generally and wishes to be changes. however i ponder however it’s that we do not address this issue during this Bill. i feel all folks should be treated if sick. however if cash is that the issue, which, WHO area unit we have a tendency to kidding, that’s the largest issue here, however will we have a tendency to ignore the very fact that ample folks sleep in the U.S. and aren’t documented. area unit they aiming to need to get insurance too? will they get insurance while not proving citizenship, or can the govt. currently institute a rule that we have a tendency to should have documentation so as to urge insurance?

I’m all for reform, reform, reform! however lets not ignore a serious issue during this health care discussion. i need to understand however we’ll address the immigration question. Cause, i do not realize most of you, however I sleep in Calif. currently, and whereas i am human and have invariably been a minority, the very fact of the matter is, Hispanics area unit the bulk in several of California’s major cities, legal or not, they create up a massive variety of individuals exploitation our medical facilities, and that i wish to understand that they’ll be ready to freely and safely get insurance without concern of retribution. Why? as a result of i am aiming to need to obtain it within the finish if we do not offer unregistered folks the proper to buy it and that i don’t desire to own to pay if i do not need to.

What i am extremely speculative is, why is not associateyone asking this question? Am I the sole person who sees this an a conundrum?

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